EPM Modified Epsilon Carbon Block Filter Cartridge

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EPM Series cartridges are a modified version of our EP Series cartridge. An economical price makes this cartridge an attractive choice for taste, odor, and chlorine taste & odor reduction, as well as sediment filtration.

EPM Series cartridges have a nominal 10-micron filtration rating, high porosity and chlorine taste & odor reduction. The high porosity design helps prevent the cartridge from plugging before its adsorption capability is exhausted, maximizing the utilization of the carbon while maintaining low pressure drop.

These cartridges are protected by an outer wrap designed to significantly increase the useful life of the cartridge by trapping sediment that typically plugs carbon block cartridges.

Number of filters in a box is shown below:

EPM-10 - 12 Filters per box

EPM-20 - 6 Filters per box

EPM-10BB - 4 Filters per box

EPM-20BB - 4 Filters per box