JG Maker SLA 3D Printer SLA450SE

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JG Maker SLA 3D Printer SLA450SE

Is a 3D Printer that use UV curd resins using a Full solid state, pulse, Ultraviolet laser operating at a 354.7nm wave length. Using a full vacuum adsorption coating print between 0.05mm to 0.2mm single layer thickness. This laser quality laser system was designed and made in the US and fitted into the system.

The SLA450SE operates with an impress 450x450x300mm build volume, with a 115 litre resin tank. Capable of printing a product up to 70kg in weight.

Due to the value of these printers they are not available for purchase online, this listing is to allow you to see the basic specification. Please contact us via email and or the telephone to discuss your requirements; we will design a package around your needs. We will assist you in every set of the way including the installation, training, and a 12 month operating warranty.

For the basic figures please see below:

Machine Dimensions

The overall dimensions of the machine are below:

1.1m Width x 1.2m Deep x 1.9m Height

Weight approximately 1300kg

Optical Scanning System

Dot Diameter - 0.12-0.5mm

Speed - 6m/s

Part Jump Speed - 12m/s

Reference Production Weight - 50-180g/h

Lifting System

Vertical accuracy - ± 0.002mm

Repeatability - ±0.01mm

Maximum Lift Weight - 70kg

Resin Tank

Volume - Approx, 115 Litres

Maximum Build Size - 450 (X) x 450 (Y) x 300 (Z)mm

Resin tank heating method - Silicone plate heating wire


Power - 200-240V AC50/60Hz 12A

Condition Temperature - 20-28 ͦC

Humidity - <40%

Machine Dimension - 1.1m(W)x1.2m(D)x1.9m(H)